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100% Safe

Here At Pearly Whites, we use a plant & mineral non-chemical component so it doesn’t ruin the enamel of your teeth!

  • strong enough to deliver the results
  • highest quality USA organic-plant and mineral based ingredients
  • food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide and contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel
  • made fresh each week


How Whitening Is Performed

  • teeth whitening - Pearly Whites by Tanya uses a lip retractor as opposed to a tray system
  • to protect the lips and gums from getting any gel, a lip retractor is placed in front of the teeth
  • the gums are sealed with vitamin-E oil to protect the nerves
  • each and every tooth is coated with an organic gel
  • an LED blue laser is placed in front of the teeth and activates the gel - this soft blue light excelarates the process up to an hour, achieving the brightest whiteness that your teeth can potentially reach.
  • your teeth will change - 8 to 20 shades whiter
  • while the LED laser is in front of the teeth, all the pores of the teeth are slowly opening up, whitening and brightening each and every tooth by the minute
  • this simple and gentle process is repeated in 3-consecutive back to back 15-minute rounds, resulting in pearly, white, sexy smiles for everyone
how it works
how it works

Why Us?

Choose Pearly Whites by Tanya

  • we are unique through the use of an organic gel that strengthens the enamel
  • the gel cannot harm any part of the tooth or any dental work
  • our LED lasers are built in a special way so that it reaches all around teeth
  • The lens is magnified by 3 compared to regular whitening lamps in addition to an amplified wattage
  • it's safe for women who are nursing or pregnant - all alkaline product
  • the procedure can be done as multiple times a year as desired
  • for smokers, it can be done once a year or optional 3 times a year - depending on how much one smokes, or how often you drink coffee or tea & how white you want your teeth
  • the results are instant, regardless of any personal habits, and will change teeth color between 8 to 20 shades whiter
  • our process is painless and free of sensitivity - the system is geared to protect any recession of the gum or people with sensitive teeth - special combination of natural oils are used to sooth and coat the nerves so there will be no pain or sensitivity
  • your technician has been in the dental field for over seven years and has been licensed and certified by the dental supply company and the utmost of precision is performed in the application of the gel
  • it will work on caps, veneers, and bonding agents (these items are not very porous however they can become stained over time differing from their original color - this product does whiten that kind of dental work)
  • we are mobile - and can come to you at the convenience of your own home
  • FDA approved and safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women